Downsizing: Tips for Moving from a House to Apartment

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         When you’re leaving a house and moving into an apartment, it can be both an exciting and stressful time. There’s a certain freedom in living with less – but getting rid of your stuff can be painful and difficult as well. Sometimes, the most difficult part is figuring out exactly what to toss and what to bring with you to your new home. Here are some tips to help with downsizing:

·         Determine whether you really need something. There’s stuff that’s “nice to have” and stuff that’s essential to have. Figure out the difference. A good indicator is whether you have used the item in the last year – or worn it, in the case of shoes or clothing. If you haven’t, sell it or give it to charity if it’s in good enough condition.

·         Ask friends for help. It’s nice to have assistance in packing up your stuff. And, since good friends have no sentimental attachments to your things, they  can give you an objective opinion about whether to keep something or toss it.

·         Begin the process several months in advance. Packing up a home is time-consuming enough, but when you’re trying to decide what to keep, it can be emotional as well. Give yourself plenty of time – two or three months at least. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and make a poor decision because you were stressed out by a quickly approaching move date.

·         Think ahead. Many apartment complexes have the dimensions of each apartment style available. Use those dimensions to consider how your current furniture will – or won’t – fit once you move. This may help you choose which furniture to keep.

·         Get extra storage. If your downsizing is only temporary, consider renting a storage facility for everything that won’t fit in your apartment. If it’s not, then think about ways to use the space you will have well. For example, use hollow ottomans and benches for extra storage, and put up shelves on the wall as a place for books.

·         Hold a moving sale. It can be a pain to get rid of items you’ve grown to care about, but selling them is better than tossing them. A moving sale is the perfect way to make a little cash on those items you’ll no longer need and can’t take with you.


David Shapiro is a marketing specialist for moving companies such as Allied Van Lines. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing baseball.

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